Monday, August 4, 2014

Attention Students – It's Time For the Day's Announcements.

First of all, I will ask you all to consult your lunch menus for the week.

I can't say much for details, as to do so would implicate myself in the whole matter, but I will just say Friday's menu is no longer accurate. Due to a recent news expose at the local orphanage, we will no longer be serving mystery veal on Johnathan Swift Day. I apologize if this is going to be an inconvenience to anyone.

Now onto more pressing, less incriminating matters.

So, this year's Connecticon was an interesting adventure for me. Several panels, meeting some interesting guests, and trying to figure out the mystery of who in the chain of command at the nearby movie theater pulled the plug on their plan to screen the Star Wars trilogy within twenty four hours of its expected start time. But it also got me in touch with more people in the chain of command at the website Moar Powah! I spoke with them,  learned that they were apparently looking for new writers, and they offered to take a look at some of my work.

Flashforward to the next week, I put together a packet and sent it over their way.

Long story short, I'm now working with the team over at Moar Powah!

For those of you now wondering 'Great, congrats, why does this effect us?' it will lead to some changes here.

I'm not shutting this place down entirely – I still plan to continue with the long term projects here as planned,and for a big reason. The fact that, as film goes, they're pretty well covered. In the future, the bulk of my writing there will be for their television department, which is currently where new staff is needed. I will be chipping in with other areas of media as well, but on recognizing the need, TV will take the bulk of the focus.

As such, the film work stays largely here with a few exceptions (there's one film I have lined up there as follow-up to a recently approved project.)

Also, as you can guess, this means subsequent writeups for The Strain will be hosted on their site, starting with this week's episode.

That said, as part of that announcement, this week's may be a little late. This is due to some technical setup, but I promise you, it will be up as soon as I can possibly get it there, and subsequent episodes will resume their Monday follow-up.

Otherwise, there may be some modifications to this site in the interests of cross-promotion, which is to be expected, and this will still  continue on as normal.

So yeah. I've got more work, kids!

Anyone following me via the various social media formats (if you feel so inclined to use Twitter, I post updates there as @guyinthe3rdrow ) will be able to keep tabs on links easy enough there. Anyone who is somehow just on this site anyway, be sure to keep an eye on Moar Powah! (on top of future writeups, they've got a good staff there and the other material they have is well worth the read as well.)

In the meantime, got some material going up on this end this week, including Summer Reading (this particular entry I feel kind of conflicted on, but we'll get to that later.)

Till then, you may resume your classwork children.

And remember, that's not a gas leak, the gym just naturally smells that way.

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