Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Tusk - Come for Michael Parks, Stay For...Uhh...

As I promised, with tomorrow starting the October festivities (and an announcement on to come as I'm trying something a little different this year, hence why I didn't pool for suggestions) we're continuing the penance with something a little seasonably appropriate.

It always happens. Even before I get to October, I start feeling the itch for horror. Fortunately, this project gave me an opportunity to indulge said itch while I got ready for the big push – Kevin Smith threw his hat back into the ring.

Actually, that sounds a bit harsh. Honestly, I still want Kevin Smith to do well. Even on projects like this, I feel like he has potential in him. Which makes it all the more frustrating when he not only doesn't live up to it, but falls prey to some of his old bad habits that have been called out many times before.

This goes double when it comes to his forays in horror, as some may remember from when I discussed Red State last October. I still feel like there's the potential for a good movie within it, but the finished film was overwritten, too caught up in blindsiding its audience, and making sure we understood what it was trying to say (to borrow a line, somewhat ironically for this movie, from the podcast 'We Hate Movies', all that film was missing was a big red “Do You Get It?” over the end credits) to really work.

To his credit, Tusk does at least avoid some of those earlier hurdles.

Keyword some.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Cobbler – The Punishment Begins!

...that almost sounds like a subtitle for the movie itself. In which case I imagine it would take on a much darker and considerably harder to market tone.

Anyway, this is where we get started. This was one I hadn't even considered as a candidate until viewing it as part of a group bad movie riffing...and frankly, at that point, it insisted on itself.

For anyone out there who is now asking either of the following questions: 'What the Hell is The Cobbler?' and 'Wasn't this a 2015 movie?', let me just say good questions, and I will answer both now.

Yep...let's just start knocking that low-hanging fruit right off the tree now, folks.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Insurance Check Didn't Come Through...

And apparently that faked death would be considered fraud anyway, so I'm back.

It's's been a year. Quite a bit in life in general as well as fair amount of writing over at Moar Powah! Kind of cut into things here. But, we're coming to October, and since this year marks the fifth anniversary, I do NOT plan to blow this off.

...but, I do have to answer for the seven months of radio silence.

So, in a fashion that truly befits my Catholic upbringing, I will be doing so through the route of atonement by pain.

...okay, not that kind of pain.

Just watch, that's probably gonna lead a whole colorful chunk of audience here care of GIS.

Anyway, rather than just settling on one punishment movie from last year, I will subject myself to seven over the course of the last few months of 2015.

That's right, seven awful movies from 2014 because I... … …

I don't know, actually.

ANYWAY, these will be starting this week along with other general content, and some will likely have to wait till after October, but fact is, things are moving again.

Also, got some work lined up over at MP as well as we move into the fall, so keep your eyes peeled.