Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Third Row's October Run Part 5 – Oh God, It's a Theme Year

Well, like I said last time, there was a plan for this year, which was part of why I hadn't done the usual sweep for suggestions.

For those who've kept score – and to those who have, my sincerest apologies, this will mark the fifth year I've been doing this particular project.

I know, I'm surprised too.

Anyway, I told myself if I got to one of these milestones, I'd try my hand at this project. A little theme I like to call Sometimes They Come Back.

...for the record, that movie will not be featured this time. Just made a good hook.

The upshot for this year, however, is tied back to that title – in preparation, I compiled a list of the movies used in the first four years of entries. With some research, I compiled this year's list: a selection of 31 sequels, prequels, and remakes of movies previously featured in this project.

The first entry goes up tomorrow...and this is gonna be a rough one.

There are some good things to come though.

Till tomorrow!

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